Ironman World Championship

Kona, 2015





Bill is a USAT Certified Coach and Training Peaks Certified Coach.  As a collegiate swimmer, Bill had a passion to continue the sport by competing in triathlons of all distances. 

As a 9-time Ironman finisher, including Kona World Championship, as well as many half Ironman races, he can help with any distance racing.

He has won or podiumed in multiple sprint and Olympic distance races as well, since 2004.

  • USAT & Training Peaks Certified Coach

  • Over 17 years of multisport success from sprint distance to Ironman

  • Two-time Qualifier for Ironman World Championships in Kona

  • Qualifier for multiple 70.3 World Championships

  • Qualifier for SwimRun World Championships

  • One of the First Out of the Water in all distances

  • Top 4 record holder in multiple swim events at Bowling Green State University

  • Mad Dogg Level 3 (Elite) Spin Instructor



Coaching options

Bill provides coaching for triathlon, swimming, running, and/or biking.  

Depending on your schedule, he can customize a training schedule to fit your needs.  

Bill offers training plans, virtual training help, and some in-person assistance.


Need the most from your coach?  The GOLD plan is for you! 

Bill will work with your busy schedule to create a training plan just for you. 

Have questions?  No problem, you have unlimited email access to your coach. 

He will regularly review your performance and customize your training appropriately! 

No start-up fee!  


With the BRONZE package, your training plans are all set and you are ready to go!  With monthly plans in place, no need to stress about what workouts you have and how they fit into your schedule.  If you decide you need more attention, you can always upgrade for more personalized coaching.  


With the SILVER package, Bill will work with your schedule to create a plan that fits your needs.  You have email access for questions, He will review your performance bi-weekly and make changes according to your fitness level. 






Need a special plan just for you?  Bill can work with you to customize a training plan based on your needs.  Want a training plan for only swimming?  This plan is for you.  Want to focus on a Swim-Run?  This plan is for you.  



"Bill is a good friend, sometime training partner, former multi-sport racing team teammate and race competitor who is an exceptionally accomplished triathlete. His personality, knowledge, skills, and experience make him a perfect choice for anyone wanting to enter the multi-sport arena or improve skills already in hand."


Kevin, 1/21/19

"Bill is an amazing athlete and I think if you want to learn, you should learn from the best."

Frank, 4/14/19

"Working with Bill has been critical to my growth and development as a newer triathlete.  His experience as a collegiate swimmer and an elite triathlete brings a proven approach to improving fitness and preparing you for competition.  Whether you are just getting started or an experienced triathlete, I highly recommend working with Bill to continue to push toward new goals."

Devin, 8/11/19

"Bill Beecher is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to endurance training and nutrition, and actively keeps up with all the new innovations and research studies.  He has a knowledge base that is applicable to newbies attempting their first triathlon, as well as seasoned triathletes working toward Kona qualification.  Bill understands the demands of work and family and can tailor a training plan that balances endurance training with "real life."  Bill helped me rethink my approach to endurance training, even after 20 years of racing.  I'm enjoying some of the best racing in years, with age group wins at the Ironman 70.3 and Ironman distance, and multiple 70.3 world championship qualifications and back-to-back Kona qualifications."

Doug, 8/12/19

For ten years in triathlon, I’ve bounced back and forth between getting fit followed by injuries.  I signed up with Bill with the main goal as staying healthy and being consistent. Almost exactly one year later I’m coming off a PR at Ironman Florida. 

Bill is the most knowledgeable triathlete in Knoxville, TN. He has the experience of the big races and the training it takes to have the best results on your A race.  

In addition to having the experience, Bill is a continuous learner of the process / methods of training. He has adapted my training based on the notes from my workouts.  

I chose Bill to be my coach for everything above but most importantly because he’s a good person and loves the sport. He holds a high standard for himself and when I was ready to fully commit myself, I knew there was no better person to coach me.

Kevin, 01/12/21

bill beecher

Triathlon Coach

Knoxville, Tennessee

Tel: 865.599.2470

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